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Quairading Coop Circles Together
Quairading Coop Circles Together

We have a mix of main street retail shops and a commercial space, which we tenant.

We work hard to ensure our community has access to key goods and services to ensure we build our livability and vibrancy. We are always open to hearing from potential tenants. Our strategic plan lists services that communities need to thrive. If you can help fulfil any of our community’s service gaps, then we really, really would love to hear from you.

Quairading Coop Circles Together

Currently Available Spaces

29-37 Heal Street, Quairading

Available Space: 250 sqm

Retail space with main street frontage and access. Approx 250 sqm of space, which is broken up into a shop front with multiple large offices/rooms behind. Space has a kitchen area, shared toilet facilities with the neighbouring supermarket and high ceilings.

Currently Tenanted

Co-op Space

 Hutton and Northey Sales

34-38 Avon Street, Quairading

Commercial Site: 3,036sqm which includes 332 sqm office showroom, 144 sqm workshop and 744 sqm warehouse. Site has updated kitchen and accessible bathroom facilities.

Quairading Pharmacy

29-37 Heal Street, Quairading

Retail Site: Currently leased by Quairading Pharmacy. High ceilings, main street frontage and access. 231 sqm.

The Makers Keep

29-37 Heal Street, Quairading

Retail Site: Currently leased by The Makers Keep. Works are being undertaken in this space to convert it from a gift shop to a coffee shop. Main street frontage and access. Approx 150 sqm.

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