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Quairading Coop Circles Together
Quairading Coop Circles Together

If you are a regular shopper in our supermarket, then we really encourage you to become a shareholder.

We have over 350 active community shareholders who help decide and direct what our organisation does, so why not become one of them? We love hearing from shareholders with their suggestions around how to make our co-operative and community stronger.

Six people are chosen from the community shareholder group to form the board of directors, and they directly oversee the co-operative operations. Step one in attaining one of these leadership positions is to become an active shareholder.

Did you know it was shareholders who asked for seating to be available at the supermarket? So we got to work creating an internal and external space for table and chairs.

Shareholders and the board worked to lobby the shire to change the parking layout in our main street – the long vehicle parking out at the front of our supermarket generates an additional $1,000 of sales a day at certain times of the year, and we believe other main street businesses have experienced similar boosts in trade.

These are just some of the impacts we have been able to have, because our co-operative structure allows for more than the pursuit of profit, we also strive for good community outcomes.

Quairading Coop Circles Together

We are stronger, together

What it means to be a Shareholder?

You are eligible for our monthly shareholders’ draw.

Just write your name on the back of your shopping docket and put it into the bin provided, and who knows, you might be next month’s winner!

Ensure our community continues to own important infrastructure and operates key businesses for another 100 years.

 What if Coles took over our supermarket? It would turn into a corner store, not the full service supermarket we currently have. Community members should own the things that are important to them.

The Quairaidng Co-op is run for the benefit of shareholders.

Becoming a shareholder means you can contribute to the decisions and directions our co-operative takes.

We are a distributing Co-op, which means we are able to distribute profits to shareholders through dividends.

 Currently the strong message we are getting from shareholders is they don’t want dividends, they want progress – we are working hard to do just that, so no profit distribution is planned at the moment.


After travelling a lot around our state, our Co-op is one of the best compared to other towns.
Sharon and her staff do a wonderful job of keeping our shelves full and there is usually something new each time I go in there. They will always try their best to get items that aren’t usually stocked and will always try to give you a good price if buying bulk. They are always very friendly and very helpful.
Most of our shopping is done locally as we believe that it keeps our local business open, employs local people, keeps our community thriving and brings more money and more people into the area.
We also like being shareholders, as it is very handy when you forget your wallet, as you can just grab what you want and charge it out!

Wayne & Carolyn Davies

Customer & shareholder (August 2022)

Whenever I come to town, the Quairading Coop has always been a welcoming hub of activity. The staff are always eager and friendly and make sure everyone, from erratic toddlers or the elderly or those struggling with boxes, babies, or both!
The produce is always fresh and well organised with a few little local touches to add interest.
They have the finger on the pulse of all activities within the community and go above and beyond in their role- so, so much more than a local supermarket!

Kate Walker

Customer (August 2022)

I hear that the Quairading Farmers Co Op has been nominated for Wheatbelt Business Excellence awards and this does not surprise me in the slightest.
The Co Op is my first option when I need to shop, partly due to locality but mostly due to the accommodating staff and extensive range of products. The points below are why I enjoy shopping at the Co Op
All the Co Op staff know all my children. They ask after them if I happen to be shopping solo. I know they will keep an eye on them if I get caught up down the back near the freezer isle.
They have answered my call for help if I have needed a contact-less pick up of desperately required food items.
If they don’t have an item in store, they encourage an email to request a special order.
On numerous occasions a staff member will open the shop after hours if a local community group runs low, or out of food. This is well and truly above and beyond what an employee should do, but I am so very grateful for it.
The Co Op is also generous with donations to local community groups and fundraising activities.
I find them so incredibly accommodating.

Stacey Harris

Customer & shareholder (August 2022)

We are writing in support of the nomination of the Quairading Farmer’s Coops nomination in the Wheatbelt Business Awards.
We are proud shareholders and want to make special note of how the coop seems to be always open to community feedback and strives to provide the best possible provisions and service.
Tangible examples of this are the revamping of the store to include a much-needed cafe component. It has provided a much-needed service in town. And the coffee is good! Important.
They have a steady long-term workforce also, that know and understand their customers and support them. Their constant presence during the pandemic and above and beyond service. They were a reassuring presence in uncertain times.
Again, an example is being flexible enough to accommodate delivery and maintaining this service post lockdown and the capacity to place web orders. It is extremely convenient.
We also have a fantastic business relationship with staff and board, being tenants of their building as a small business owner.
I confer with management often about the nuances of running a small building and we liaise frequently about stock, so that we compliment and augment our respective businesses.
We congratulate The Coop on their nomination. We are so proud of the business and wish them continued success.

Craig & Janine Anderson

Shareholders, customers & building tenants (August 2022)

Amazing staff that go above & beyond, fantastic produce and service level but still constantly pushing to be even better! Thank you! 

Tamara Stacey

Customer & shareholder (July 2022)

I love my local Co-op! 


via Facebook

The staff are so fabulous with a lovely smile and a hello to make your day. Also a big thank you to Sharn and Tanya for going out of their way to make sure the shop is full of yummo food!


I truly appreciate the Co-op staff. I enjoy my chat each week as I push my trolley around the aisles. I love that we know each other by name. It’s something I would really miss living and shopping in a larger centre. Well done Q Co-op!


The Process to Become a Shareholder

Get in touch

Step #1

You need to love our local community and be a regular shopper at our supermarket.

Get in touch

Step #2

Complete the shareholder application form and return along with your payment.

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Step #3

Wait until the next board meeting (these happen monthly), so that the board can confirm you meet the requirements of being a shareholder (a regular shopper who spends more than $100/year).

Get in touch

Step #4

Enjoy the warm glow when your application is approved, your shares are issued, and you receive a welcome letter.

Why we do what we do

Our employees and shareholders know that with every piece of progress we make, it’s another win for our community that it deserves. Step by step, year by year, we are working hard to create value and prosperity for our community and shareholders- now that’s a calling worth answering.

Apply today

The Co-op Shareholder Application Form

Start your journey on becoming a Co-op Shareholder by downloading the application form below and filling it out today. 

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