Service to our community, above all else.

About Quairading Co-op

Quairading Coop Circles Together
Quairading Coop Circles Together

When a community owns its key infrastructure and services, then it’s in control of its destiny and prosperity.

It is with great pride that we own retail and commercial spaces, and operate the supermarket on behalf of our community shareholders, for the community benefit. Our co-operative structure means that whilst profitability is a fact of life, it can never be at the expense of what is good for our community.

Quairading Coop Circles Together

The History of QFC

Founded in 1916, the Quairading Co-Op was set up by a group of farmers frustrated with not being able to source goods and services locally, nine years after the townsite of Quairading was gazetted in 1907. Whilst the Co-op has modernised much of the way it operates, the legal structure of ownership remains the same as it did when it was set up over 100 years ago – it is owned by active community shareholders.

Over the years, the Quairading Co-op has owned and operated a variety of businesses in town. Any business venture we enter into is to ensure we create value and prosperity for our shareholders and community.

A Heading About Quairading Farmers Co-operative

The Quairading Co-op will provide goods and services essential to Quairading’s livability and prosperity.

Our employees and shareholders know that with every piece of progress we make, it’s another win for our community that it deserves. Step by step, year by year, we are working hard to create value and prosperity for our community and shareholders- now that’s a calling worth answering.



Completed a year long rejuvenation of our supermarket, which included investing in state-of-the-art refrigeration.

  • Upgraded the toilets and kitchen facilities at our commercial site, which assisted in attracting a new tenant and business to town, Hutton and Northey Sales.
  • We received a Recognition of Achievement from the Shire of Quairading acknowledging our outstanding service to our community, in particular for our response during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We were awarded Business of the Year at the prestigious Wheatbelt Excellence Awards, run by the Wheatbelt Business Network.


We made the front cover of Australian Retailers Magazine.

Meet the Members

The Quairading Co-op is run by some of the friendliest, hardest working, most fabulous humans going around.

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